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Our goals in serving you are plain and simple: 

  1. To help you publish your book and become a best-selling author. 
  2. To turn your book into a lead-generating tool to promote your business and attract more clients, and 
  3. To use your book (fiction or non-fiction) to secure for you more speaking engagements, more coaching clients, and more consulting opportunities.

The Bottom line,

I want to help you build your information empire and put more money in your bank account, so you will be less dependent on working for the man!

I am thrilled that you are taking the time to explore all of your publishing options. Having more than 30 years of marketing experience in the book-marketing, coaching, and professional speaking industries. 

As you will learn from reading below, everything in the publishing world has changed in recent years due to more publishing options available to you, the increased interest in eBooks, and the great number of people selecting self-publishing as the route to pursue for their books. 

However, creating a best-seller is still a lengthy and costly process that takes solid commitment. In fact, according to the Publishers Marketing Association, 98% of authors will never sell more than 2,000 books. Industry guru Dan Poynter is on record as saying that the average author sells around 250 books. Well, as daunting as these numbers are, I have cracked the secret to publishing and book-marketing, and I would like to show you how you too can do the same and achieve phenomenal success with your book.

I have partnered with Jazzy Kitty Publications to offer you the very best marketing opportunities. If customers can’t find your book, it doesn’t exist. 


We offer three levels of service. GUARANTEED “AMAZON BEST SELLER PROGRAM” (ABSP); Standard Publishing and Marketing Program; Book Marketing & Advertising Services (Ala-Cart)   


We can help you become a “BESTSELLING” Author through our Best Seller Program!

Book Publishing along with ABSP is only $7599 one-time.

(Similar services go for $10,000-$25,000-$50,000). 

Many individuals when they see this price they think, “hey, I can do this myself,” and you can, it usually take most folk 6 months to a year to do what we can generally do for you within 30 days or less!


1. Amazon Best Seller Program for Books that are already published and/or that are on Amazon already is only $7599 one-time.   

Included in the package:


  • Professional Editing and Kindle eBook Setup
  • Expert author representative (i.e. project manager) assigned to the author
  • Paperback or hardcover format — your choice
  • Custom book cover design ()
  • Custom interior layout
  • Copyright notice
  • ISBN/bar code
  • Electronic proofs (design files emailed to the author for his/her approval before we generate the printed proof)
  • Printed proof (a printed copy mailed to the author for his/her approval before distribution commences)
  • Worldwide distribution (print book listed on, Barnes & Noble, BAM, Powell’s, Ingram and thousands of retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries)
  • Unlimited book printing & order fulfillment
  • Kindle format & eBook distribution
  • 100% print book and Kindle royalties on net sales (profits)
  • Quarterly sales reporting and payments
  • Premium social media marketing service: Twitter promotion (via several Twitter accounts in our network) to reach approx. 500,000+ followers/potential buyers
  • Premium publicity service: press release writing & distribution to over 100 premium online news outlets including CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC affiliate sites
  • Our Best Seller Campaign: #1 Amazon bestselling author and Marketing Partner J. J. Hebert will help market/advertise your book through various book subscription websites/email subscriber lists geared toward book lovers.
  • Get 8-10 Amazon book reviews on average
  • Amazon Best Seller STATUS! This means BIG BRAGGING RIGHTS and promotional appeal.


Frequently Asked Questions about our full-service self-publishing packages:

How long does the social media service last?

It is a 3-day “Twitter Blast” service in that we send out — or blast out — your purchase link(s) through Twitter accounts with a total following of 500,000+ followers. This service is meant to attract sales very quickly and in a short period of time to play a role in achieving best seller status.

What should I expect from the press release service?

We will write a one-page professional press release and distribute it. Your PR will reach at least 100 online news outlets including premium outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliate websites.

Can you tell me more about the Best Seller Campaign included in the Best Seller package?

Our Marketing Partner J. J. Hebert is a #1 Amazon bestselling author. Throughout the years, he’s compiled an internal list of effective book subscription websites with email subscriber lists. As part of the Bestseller Campaign, he will choose the right websites/ email subscriber lists to be used for your particular book; handle the ad buying; and see to it that your book is advertised — mostly via email marketing blasts — to a large pool of subscribers eager to buy Kindle eBooks.

How does the book review process work in the Best Seller service program?

Some of the subscribers mentioned above will also review your book and post the review on Amazon. This is a natural result of subscribers purchasing your book, reading it and feeling compelled to review it. We see an average of about 8-10 reviews over a 30-day period after your book launch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Reviewers write and post honest reviews. This means that reviews aren’t always positive, and we have no control over these results.

Can you tell me more about the Best Seller status included in the Best Seller package?

Within the first month of the book launch, we anticipate that your Kindle eBook will land on a Top 100 Best Seller list for one of the Amazon categories we assign to your eBook.

What about the print version of my book? Will it be a best seller?

Your paperback or hardcover book could very well become a best seller based on our efforts, but the “Best Seller Status” and “Best Seller Campaign” refer mostly to the Kindle eBook edition, for which we’re able to take out ads.

What happens if my eBook doesn’t become a best seller?

If for some reason — within the first 30 days of launch — your Kindle eBook doesn’t land on an Top 100 Best Seller List for one of your eBook’s categories which is highly unlikely, we will refund you the difference between our Best Seller Package and Standard Package below — that’s approximately $5,000/less $99 online processing fee Again, we have never had a book rejected from Best Seller Status.

Additional Amazon Best Seller Marketing Services:


Once you’re a “Best Selling” Author, you are then considered the “Obvious Expert” in your subject matter or expertise if you wrote a book about any type of professional skills, experience, or know how. Being an Amazon best seller is just the start of something great, however when you then go for the coveted NY Times best seller status, then your greatness moves into another level of influence; especially if you’re a business author.

Standard Publishing and Marketing Program

This package includes the following, but does not include the Kindle format, a Best Seller Campaign or any resulting reviews; it’s still a viable full-service marketing option for many and includes key book marketing and publicity components in addition to the publishing basics. 

SPMP can be used with any JKP Package; KCB Example below:

SPMP includes the following marketing related services: Social Media Publicist, Premium Book Press Release & Worldwide Distribution, Goodreads Author Profile; With Individual Pricing Below:

Social Media Publicist

Why is social media important?

Social media, if handled correctly, has been known to help authors create a buzz for their book; strengthen their author brand; grow a national and/or international readership; generate book sales; increase visibility in search engines; and more… but let’s face it, not everyone has the time, knowledge or desire to use social media for book marketing. And even those authors who are computer/social media savvy might want some help from a professional. That’s where the services of a Social Media Publicist come in…

Your assigned Social Media Publicist will setup social media accounts for you and your book(s) and manage marketing campaigns on those accounts for 2 months. The social media sites the publicist will use to market your book are:

  • Facebook: This is the #1 social network in the world. It consists of over 1 billion users.
  • Twitter: Twitter claims to have 140 million users and 340 million tweets per day.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks on the planet. Research suggests that the site generates 4x as much revenue per click as Twitter and 27% more revenue per click than Facebook. People are on Pinterest to buy.
  • Instagram: The leading photo sharing app, owned and implemented by Facebook.
  • LinkedIn: The top social network for professionals.

Additional info:

A big part of social media is consistency, so we will post once per day (Mon-Fri) on Facebook. Our posts vary. We tend to share reviews, book quotes, links to purchase the book and content or images for book signings and events, and much more. Our goal is to keep the social media users coming back for more. 

That being said, we try to follow the 80/20 social media rule: Your posts are not always about you and your book(s) — we mix in some related quotes and images to keep engagement high and to stay away from always “pitching”. This is especially crucial as we build up your following on the social media accounts.

On the remaining social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest), we post approx. 2 times per week, pulling from posts made on Facebook.

For Instagram & Twitter, we really mix it up and try to build a # (Hashtag) following with some key phrases about you and your book.

Only $1500. 

You can buy this Social Media Publicist service for $1500 by simply calling Bryant Vickers to set up an appointment at 302-353-2542

Premium Book Press Release & Worldwide Distribution

This is our premium book press release service. We’ll write a professional press release for your book, and then your press release will be distributed worldwide and reach at least 100 premium online news outlets, including guaranteed inclusion in ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC affiliated sites.

Proof of distribution also included:

  • A full distribution report showing the PR pickups in an easy to read PDF format.
  • A link to see your press release in Google News

Only $799

ADD $350 (This includes distribution to all the African-American newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio stations, and news-related websites. You can also send up to ONE “book cover” photo in jpeg format only at no additional charge!

We will also feature your press release as an article on and in our weekly newsletter. Plus, we'll search-engine optimize it for Google/Yahoo/Bing, and share it with our 650,000+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

You can buy this Premium Book Press Release & Worldwide Distribution service for $799 by simply calling Bryant Vickers to set up an appointment at 302-353-2542

Goodreads Author Profile

With 50 million members, Goodreads is the leading social network for book lovers. It’s also known as the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Goodreads allows its members to see the books their friends are reading; create lists of books they’ve read or will read; write & post book reviews; receive personalized book recommendations; and connect with members with similar book tastes. Goodreads is an amazing community that is directly tied to book sales. Simply put, you cannot ignore this network as author!

For $700 we will do the following for you:

  • Setup a Goodreads account for you.
  • Enroll you in the Goodreads author program (no ongoing costs).
  • Create and optimize a Goodreads author profile on your behalf. This includes one round of initial updates such as adding an author bio and picture; publicizing your upcoming events (if applicable); assigning your published book(s) to the author profile; adding videos (if applicable); adding your blog (if applicable).
  • We’ll also setup one Goodreads book giveaway event.  Goodreads will promote your giveaway to its members over a 30-day period and then select the winners. You’ll simply supply us with the book copies for the giveaway and we’ll do the rest, including shipping the books to the winners. The winners will be encouraged to write and post book reviews in exchange for the free copies. Not only should this giveaway provide your book with exposure at Goodreads, but the giveaway should also result in an increase in book reviews.

To learn more about the benefits of this program and/or to get started, call Bryant Vickers at 302-353-2542.

DISCLAIMER: This service does not guarantee book reviews or sales. Results vary. Also, be informed that this is not a Goodreads training program. We will render all the services above, but ongoing Goodreads account/author profile maintenance & updates is the author’s responsibility. 

You can buy this Goodreads Author Profile service for $700 by simply calling Bryant Vickers to set up an appointment at 302-353-2542 

Note: the above marketing services can be added to any JKP Publishing Package. Combined Services are in total $2999 (add-on Black Press for $350) 

Our Web Design Services

Author Website:

It is highly recommended that every Author has a Great Looking One Page or Multi-Page Website to sell their book(s) from when you are getting started, especially when you have only 1 or 2 books. 

With a one page site you can always add more pages later; especially, if you plan to pursue a more professional career as an author or are using your Amazon Best Seller Status to help build your speaking career and or additional business profit streams.

Basic Turn Key website $899, with a $59 monthly care plan.

Go check out our Kusertalk type premium quality and professionally designed website, price starts at $2000 and up, with a $59 monthly care plan. 

Cheap, Non-Professional Websites (webs, weebly) ruin your Brand and Profits, You decide if it’s worth it!

See Example of Our Premium Work:

You can buy Website Services by simply calling Bryant Vickers to set up an appointment at 302-353-2542

Book Marketing & Advertising Services

What do all successful books have in common? Aggressive book marketing! With over one million books published each year, you simply cannot expect your book to sell itself or magically become successful. Simply put: Passivity will not sell books, especially in such a large market   


That’s where our book marketing campaigns come into the picture. Throughout the years, we have repeatedly refined our book marketing services and carefully curated the options to include only the best of the best. Our sole focus is on proven book marketing services and advertising, and yours should be as well. So, take a look below at the variety of effective book marketing services we have to offer and feel free to get in touch. It’s time you take control of your book’s destiny by implementing book marketing… today! 


  • Social Media Publicist: A highly experienced social media expert will setup and run your social media accounts and campaigns. This includes the very best of Facebook and Twitter marketing for authors.
  • Author Website Design: We will develop and launch an author website for you. Your site is an ideal place to share your author biography, sell more books, connect with readers on social media and more. As an author, you MUST have an online presence, and preferably one that you can control the content.
  • Goodreads Author Profile: Work with the #1 social networking website for book lovers to give your book exposure and sales. We’ll setup your account and profile and run a giveaway for maximum exposure.
  • Amazon Author Page: If your book is on Amazon, you need an Author Page — a place on Amazon to share more information about you as the author and connect with readers directly on Amazon.
  • Premium Book Press Release: This amazing book press release service includes press release writing and distribution to at least 100 online news outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliated sites.
  • Author Interviews Service – Blogs/Websites: This exclusive service guarantees 5 written author interviews and handles the entire process for you.
  • National Radio Interview with Stu Taylor: Team up renowned syndicated radio personality Stu Taylor for a national radio author interview.
  • Professional Book Review Service: Professional book reviews are crucial to the success of your book. With this book review service, we’ll guarantee you a review from the prestigious Northeast Book Review. Include your review on the back of your book, product descriptions, author website and more.
  • Book Exhibit Service Package: Exhibit your book in a major domestic or international book fair. This puts your book in front of major decision makers in the publishing industry.
  • Online Book Advertising Programs – Internet: Our Internet book marketing campaigns include Google, Twitter and Facebook advertising.
  • Traditional Book Advertising Programs – Print: Advertise your book in major industry magazines and catalogs such as Publishers WeeklyIngram Advance and Library Journal.
  • Learn to target independent Book store too. We will show you how to find them and get them to sell your books.

Get a "FREE" book marketing & advertising consultation with our marketing partners J.J. Hebert and Bryant Vickers Today! You can buy our Book Marketing and Advertising Services (Ala-cart) Service based on your budget by simply calling Bryant Vickets to set up an appointment at 302-353-2542

Albert Kaufmann from Missouri discussing the free marketing consultation he had with J.J. Hebert: “J.J. Hebert took the time out of, what one can only imagine as being, his busy day to talk to me about how marketing a genre works. Not hawk me for money, not pressure me to sign, not even to find his fix in the “thrill of the sale”, instead, just a free conversation. He is a master marketing whiz and he would not disconnect the call until I understood everything he had explained. Wow, just when you begin to lose faith in the core-value of today’s modern-man something like this revamps my excitement. Thank you to J.J. Hebert for being a good person and treating someone with respect when it is all too common to find the opposite…”

Rory Koonce of Delaware Talks about working with Bryant Vickers

Bryant Vickers is very well educated and knowledgeable in marketing. He is what I would describe as a marketing genius in every sense of the word! He never ceases to amaze me with his innovative ideas and strategies. When it comes to things like driving online traffic to a business or building our brand, he has coached and consulted with me on so much over the past few years. But the thing that amazes me the most about him is that he truly believes in the words "DOMINATE or die." Bryant is a consummate professional, the way he carries himself in and outside of the office. He is a passionate overall great person who cares about the success you have in your business and in your personal life.

Rory “The Stone Powerhouse” Koonce

Mr. Olympia 

You can get help by simply calling Bryant Vickers to set up an appointment of any of the above services at 302-353-2542.

Custom Book Publishing and Marketing Services

For Corporations, Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

  •  Build Brand Awareness
  • Attract Media Attention
  • Stand Out Against the Competition
  • Distribute Books at Events and Trade Shows
  • Build Buzz Online Through Blogs and Internet Media
  • Develop an Innovative Marketing and PR Campaign that Gets Results

Custom Book Publishing Services Overview 

JKP now offers a suite of innovative publishing services for corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations. We can handle every aspect of your professional book project from start to finish, helping you launch a creative marketing and PR campaign unlike any other.

How Publishing a Book Can Benefit Your Business

Attract Media Attention – If you want a magnetic way to get media coverage, a book can serve as a launch pad for all kinds of PR opportunities.

Build Brand Awareness and Establish Authority in Your Field – A book can establish your company as a leader in your industry and expand awareness for your brand, all while reaching new markets and creating media opportunities.

Tell Your Story Before Someone Else Tells it for You – Whether your company is already in the spotlight—or wants to be in the spotlight—telling your company story your way can lay the foundation for a bright future.

Potential Methods for Leveraging Your Corporate Book

  • Send copies to reporters, editors and producers
  • Distribute related press releases to capture media interest
  • Submit excerpts for publication in magazines and newspapers 
  • Conduct book signing events 
  • Get attention from bloggers/Influencers 
  • Promote through social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Produce video book trailers
  • Provide your sales force with copies to distribute
  •  Give copies away at trade shows
  •  Promote and distribute books at live/speaking/podcast events
  • Send books to prospects via mail
  • Entice sign-ups for your newsletters, webinars and events by giving away copies of the eBook version

How to Develop an Interesting Book Concept

There are many ways to develop a compelling book that will capture the attention of your target audience and accomplish your goals. Here are some options to consider:· Reveal details about your company history

  • Reveals details about your company history
  • Share compelling customer case studies 
  • Tackle an important issue in your industry 
  • Differentiate your business from competition 
  • Provide methods for using your products and services effectively 
  • Promote through social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Hold a contest to collect story submissions (and generate media exposure from the start!)
  • Feature the story of a company executive (or multiple executives)
  • Create a workbook for use with your products or services 
  • Sponsor a charity by developing a book that they can use for promotion or as a profit center 
  • Create eBook lead magnets to pre-sale the book prior to release or to presell service offers
  • Get other corporations to sponsor sales of your book and more 

Other Business Owner Benefits…

  •  If you’re a CEO, business owner, speaker, coach/trainer or consultant, your book can be the primary tool to catapult you into even greater income, imagine six or seven-figures.
  •  As Anelda’s (Jazzy Kitty’s) Personal Marketing Coach and Consultant Bryant Vickers will help you move from book seller to Professional Speaker who is positioned to get booked on FREE Stages first and then at High Level “PAID” local city, state, association, regional and national industry speaking events. Or if you are already on major speaking circuits I will show you how to get booked on more stages.
  • Think about this; when you compete with other speakers who do not have a book and you have a book and or an Amazon Best Seller…who do you think that The Meeting Planner, who is anyone with direct or indirect influence of the stage is going to choose first; this includes.


  • Meeting Planner Titles/Names:
  • CEO
  • Executive Director
  • President/President Elect
  • Director of Programming
  • Event Planner/Producer
  • Director of Professional Development

Once booked as speakers, especially “PAID” speakers you now have the opportunity to get PAID $2500, $5000, $10,000 and even up to $25,000 per event, which are today’s going rates depending on subject matter or type of signature talk.

  • But that’s just the beginning. I will then show you how to turn your book into multiple profit streams by becoming a; Professional Trainer, On-on-One or group Coach, Consultant, Digital Course Developer, Information Product Marketer, or by becoming a Membership Site owner and more. I will show you how to turn your business into passive and or residual income production.


Some of you right now may be thinking, hey why would I need help doing this, I already do this? However, you may need help moving from having a business that is Stagnant or going through Feast and Famine or you may be doing really well earning six and seven figures already and just want to maximize your growth potential by Leveraging up.

My expertise lies in my ability to quickly diagnose any business and find where the owner is losing money or leaving money on the table. By sharing my intellectual property, resources and connections I can help most business owners who are ready to invest in the future.

Book Monetization (Ways To Make Money!)

  •   “Paid” Speaking
  •  Consulting/Coaching
  •  Digital Products
  •  Online Courses
  •  Live Online/In-Person Courses/Workshops
  •  Live Online/In-Person Conferences
  •  Sell Information Products
  •  Develop Certification Programs
  •  Membership Programs
  •  Corporate Sponsorship
  •  Product Licensing
  •  Affiliate Programs
  • And a lot more

We are committed to publishing and promoting high-quality books for authors, corporations, small businesses and nonprofit organizations. 

Call us today to learn why professionals publish and market with Jazzy Kitty Publishing. Call Bryant Vickers Today 302-353-2542