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  • Jazzy Kitty Publications provides you with the book publishing services you need to become a self-published author. Our services are not free as many individuals think that they are or should be because they are, as the concept suggests, self-publishing, however, when you come to Jazzy Kitty Publishing, you are in need of professional guidance and help to publish and market your book. 


  • Our prices are fair and very reasonable. Your book will be distributed by Ingram Book Group and will be added to all brick and mortar databases, online bookstores, i.e., and Barnes and and more. We offer e-publishing, and we will convert your book title into an eBook. And of course, we also have book/business marketing and promotion available!!! 

There’s Only 3 Simple Steps

  • Step 1. Get “FREE” Report 

  • Step 2. Get “FREE”15-30 minute Book Sellers Conversation

  • Step 3. After Book Sellers Conversation I will send you my Questionnaire to determine your publishing needs, afterwards, if you qualify for my publishing and marketing programs I will extend an opportunity for a personal one on one consult.


Celebrating OVER 12 Years of Publishing Success!


As the founder of a top book self-publishing house, Jazzy Kitty Publishing, Inc. dba Jazzy Kitty Publications, Inc.  we have the staff in place to help make your book a success. You can bypass the learning curve by working with the my team of professionals and partners using our self-publishing process. 

Study our Self-Publishing Packages. @ JKP Book Publishing Packages. Get in touch to get your initial questions answered for free by emailing me at  during business hours Monday through Friday, 11 am to 7 pm.  I’ll email you back to set up a day and time to talk, we’ll get to know you and your manuscript during the call, offer guidance, and help you select an appropriate publishing package for your book. We’ll email the publishing contract and invoice to you once you have been through one of our consultation and have selected a publishing package.

Once payment is received, I will then become your Project Manager, also known as an “Author Representative,” I will reach out to you to collect your materials. We use a secure file sharing system through which you will easily upload your manuscript, book description, author photo, biography and images if applicable. Make sure that you submit an error-free manuscript if you haven’t selected a publishing package that includes editing. I will be the liaison between you and your book designer/illustrator and I will personally edit your book (if your selected package includes editing). 

I will then consult with you with regards to front book cover design with my design team. We’ll want to hear your overall vision for your book cover and we’ll work hard to meet your expectations. An initial custom book cover design concept is usually completed by the designer within a couple weeks. I will then provide you with an electronic proof (i.e. “eProof”) of the front cover design. This is normally a JPG image file. You’ll be given an opportunity to offer feedback and approval. 3 Revisions are included for free until you are satisfied with the cover design.

 Anelda Attaway aka JazzyKitty/CEO Publisher/Speaker/Coach

 Anelda Attaway aka JazzyKitty/CEO Publisher/Speaker/Coach


​​"We hired Jazzy Kitty Publications to edit and publish our titles and could not be happier with the results. They gave us one-on-one support and walked us through the entire process; we trusted their expertise." 


–  Sheila and Nike 

Sheila Andrien - Author of Straight Up Hope

Nike Binger-Marshall - Author of Persistence of Vision

Making A Living From Your Writing

Here’s a picture of some of my Authors and me with our books.

Here's some good news!  IT’S ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE TO MAKE A GREAT LIVING WITH YOUR WRITING. I know this because I make a six-figure income from my writing and speaking and would love for you to do the very same 

 Hi I’m Anelda Attaway, I’m a Author, Professional Speaker and the World’s Greatest Publishing Coach

Here’s a picture of some of my Authors and me with our books. I have helped 100’s of author get published and is helping to fulfill their marketing needs too. I love sharing my passion about publishing and the business side of being an author in this exciting digital age!



  • Black and White - Black and White has been the classic means of publication for centuries, and is perfect for books that are mostly text, black and white photographs, or line drawings. 
  • Full Color - Our full color packages are for authors who want their pictures and illustrations to share center stage with their prose. Make your book a feast for your readers’ eyes as well as their minds!   
  • Childrens' Books & Cookbooks  - The best children’s books inspire, teach, and entertain! Awaken young imaginations with our Children’s publishing packages, and bring your story and characters to life in full color.  
  • Print-On-Demand - Only print books when you need them. Print books close to your customers; ship them all over the world. One book or 1,000, it makes no difference to us, but all the difference to you —always save on inventory and shipping costs.   
  • Paperback - Super-fast production speed without sacrificing quality gets you the best looking product on the shelf. Trade paperback books available with perfect binding are our most popular selection, but our full offerings cover so much more.   
  • eBooks - Turn your print format into digital formats (Kindle and ePub)
  • Print Formats -  Choose from a wide range of customized print services specifically designed to meet the challenges of modern-day publishing with speed and agility. Whatever your business model, we have a solution to fit your needs.  Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.   
  • Hardcover - Most customers will judge a book by its cover, and a hardcover can add more class to a book that is already jumping off the shelf. Our hardcover books are available in laminate, cloth or jacketed, with marks of craftsmanship such as foil stamping available upon request.    
  • Color -  When your titles call for a splash of radiance or an extra pop of vibrancy, we have a great selection of color printing options along with various trim sizes that work to give your books that extra bit of style. Color books are available in saddle-stitch and perfect bindings.  Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know. 

MARKETING PARTNERS - Bryant Vickers and J. J. Hebert


You may also schedule a call directly with Bestselling author J.J. Hebert  and Bryant Vickers  Our Marketing Partners by calling Bryant Direct at 302-353-2542. 

If you already have a published book, if your book is on Amazon, or you are a business author looking to build "The Publishing Trifecta" meaning; if you are looking to create a "best selling" book, use the book to get speaking engagements and use your speaking engagements to build your coaching, training or your info publishing business then give Bryant a call today!

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