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Chestnut the Pup, What I Would Say If I Could Talk. 

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About the Book. . .

Chestnut the Pup gets Love and No Abuse


The Attaway’s are Chestnut’s loving family. Anelda is his mommy, Kevin is his daddy, and he has a big sister named Moe. Chestnut’s family are passionate animal lover and advocates against animal cruelty. They encourage pet rescue and adoption and believe every pet deserves a family to love and care for them responsibly.

Chestnut’s mommy Anelda wrote this book to share her wonderful pup with the world and to show that animals have their own way to communicate and express themselves. Chestnut and his family would love for you to share this book with a new pet owner or animal lover close to your heart!


$20.00 Hardcover $15.00 Paperback

Khaill Age 9 reviewing chestnut the Pup