Why Publish with Us?


Jazzy Kitty Publishing pays some of the Highest Royalties in the Industry! We have you covered, JKP specializes in all genres: Fiction, Urban Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Business Books, and Childrens' Book Publishing Services.

1. We offer ePublishing - we convert your book title to an eBook.

2. We also have marketing and promotion services available.

3. Which includes our Kindle Audio Program and Amazon 'Best Seller" Program.

Our Most Popular Services


Your manuscript will be checked by our professional editors. They will check for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar so that your book end result will be polished and the reader will stay engaged by your story and not errors.


We will layout the interior of your book so you can receive print -ready files that meet industry standards that are compatible with print-on-demand services such as IngramSpark and CreateSpace 


Our graphic designers and illustrators will capture your vision and transform it into a visually attractive, high-quality book cover that you can be proud of.  Cover design includes the back cover and spine of your book.


Receive worldwide sales proceeds and reporting directly from distribution channels. We have the broadest global reach available to hundreds of markets. Our "no middleman" approach allows control of pricing, promotions, and ordering. 


PRINTED BOOKS - Your book will be professionally printed to your specifications. Our Print-On-Demand partners ensures that your book is available for sale on all the major worldwide channels. IngramSparks support 1 to 50,000 per order.

E-BOOK CONVERSION - Convert your printed book into an eBook with properly converted eBook files. This format will ensure compatibility across all popular digital devices, such as Kindle, Nook, iPad etc.  


Reach you potential audience effectively and efficiently by utilizing our marketing approaches. We will work with you to develop printed, social media, and outreach strategies to maximize the sales of your book. 

What We Do?



Jazzy Kitty Publishing provides you with the book publishing services you need to become a self-published author.  We are a Virtual Office too! 

While our services are not free, they are fair and very reasonable.  Your book will be distributed by Ingram Book Group and will be added to all brick and mortar databases, online bookstores, i.e., Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and many more.



Kitty Cat Bronze

  •  ​ISBN  
  •  LCCN (Library Congress Control No.)
  •  Electronic Copyright 
  •  Custom Layout Book Formatting 
  •  Editing-$2 per page
  •  Book Cover Design/Illustration
  •  Image insertions
  •  Title Upload                
  •  Worldwide Distribution    
  •  Electronic Proof Only
  •  One-on-One Author Support
  •  Email Campaign  & Social Media
  •  Add on Digital Formatting for $250.00
  •  Add on Typing $1 a page
  •  Add on-Physical Proof $30.00                                                          $1499

Lioness Silver

  (*Best Selling Service)

  • 2 ISBN  (For Print and eBook ) Or Paperback and Hardback
  • LCCN (Library Congress Control No.)
  • Electronic Copyright 
  • Custom Layout Book Formatting 
  • Editing - $2 per page
  • Book Cover Design/Illustration 
  • Image Insertions
  • Title Upload
  • Worldwide Distribution 
  • Electronic and Physical Proof 
  • One-on-One Author Support 
  • Email Campaign  & Social Media
  • Digital Formatting eBook - Kindle
  • Typing of Manuscript
  • 5  Complimentary Books                                           *$1999

Cheetah Gold


  •  3 ISBN Assignment 
  •  LCCN (Library Congress Control No.)
  •  Electronic Copyright 
  •  Custom Layout Book Formatting 
  •  Editing 
  •  Book Cover Design/Illustration 
  •  Image Insertions
  •  Digital Formatting
  •  Typing of Manuscript
  •  Electronic & Physical Proof
  •  Email & Social Media
  •  10 Complimentary Books 
  •  1 Revision Cover  
  •  1 Revision Interior 
  •  Promoted in Ingram Catalog  ​
  •  Add on - Website                  (WEBSITE PRICES ARE DETERMINED ON NEEDS)                                                               $2499