Are You Still Wasting Your Valuable Time, Money Or Resources On Writing, Publishing, and Marketing

Are You Wasting These Things Without Anything To Really Show For It? Get The Help That You Know You Need, You Don’t Have To Go At It Alone Not One More Day.  

  • Have you been thinking about publishing your own book for way too long now?
  • Do you want to publish a book that acts as your new business card to help build your speaking career or business but don’t know how?
  • Do you have a book you think will sell but don’t know how to market it?
  • Do you want to become a print on demand publisher but you’re holding back because the way it works is very confusing?
  • Do you think you can go through the long learning curve yourself or do you know that you need to invest in professional help to guide you step-by-step through the process?


Don’t you wish you could sit down with someone “over a cup of coffee” and just ask all those questions you have about self-publishing and book marketing?

Well, you can (However, it will be a virtual coffee meeting, on Zoom).

I started self-publishing and learned the ins and outs over 12 years ago. Since then I’ve helped hundreds of authors realize their dream of publishing a beautiful, professional quality book. Through my consultations I help authors get rid of the confusion about self-publishing, you’ll get real answers to get you moving toward quality publication and marketing development.


Here’s what you’ll get with my Consulting Service:

  •  Analysis of your book or your concept, if you don’t have a manuscript yet
  • Recommendations of how to produce your book, including specific vendor referrals
  • Cost estimate of your book production
  • A one hour zoom consultation in which we’ll address your all questions. Afterward, I’ll send you an recording of our conversation so you can review it any time you want. That way you don’t have to get distracted by taking notes while we’re talking.
  • You’ll also get a no-nonsense “Real Talk” evaluation of your book or concept. You’ll get an informed opinion that gives you specific things you can do to move to the next step in your publishing journey. 
  • If you're writing an autobiography, just know this, most readers do not care about you and your personal life story, after all they have their own story to tell… so, if your ego is pushing you to write a book so you can just get it off you bucket list to share with your friends and family the fact that you did it, you wrote a book, please know this, if you’re not really planning to invest heavily in the marketing of this book, then my consulting service is not for you and you would be best served through my Saturday Coaching Program. However…
  • If you are desiring to become an author who produces quality books, even autobiography’s that are well written with clear intent meaning, good content, premium images and a well-designed book cover; novels, self-help, business books or other and you have clearly thought out that you desire to become an ongoing author by publishing many books over a period of time and or greatly spending the necessary monies needed to actually market your one or many books in order to create book sales, not just a book, but sales of each and every book, then my consulting services are for you. 
  • If you’re are a business owner who desires to write a book to help push your speaking career or as a big business card to push your business services, coaching, consulting or other business-related endeavors, then through our consulting service, you’ll be connected with our team of business building specialist to assist you in your growth efforts. 


“Jazzy Kitty is AWESOME! And my personal experience she is THE go-to person on everything relating to self-publishing.  I didn't know what direction to take so a friend suggested I should call JKP.  So I did and less than a month ago, I had a phone consult with her that literally changed my life and put on the right path. I didn’t want to wait to find an agent or publisher. I wanted to get it out immediately. Jazzy Kitty helped me every step of the way — She explained the publishing process in detail from copyrights to typesetting. Along the way, she gave me referrals to a book designer, a web designer, and a publicist. She provided the complete road map I needed to feel confident. In addition, she provided and all the information that I needed to make my dream become a reality. I am infinitely grateful. My book will be published soon. So just like my friend suggested to me, I am suggesting to you to call Jazzy Kitty.” – Shelly West

For general publishing questions, I’ll give you 30-60 minutes to quickly pick my brains for “FREE.” Email me your name, contact, phone and a few days that your are available and I will reply back with a day and time to have a Book Sellers Conversation. 

Is This A Good Idea for You? A Self-Publishing Consultation.

A self-publishing consultation would make a lot of sense for some people, but not for everyone. Here are five scenarios where you could profit from this investment when hiring Jazzy Kitty to Publish and Market your book:


a. You don’t have time to figure out how print on demand, digital printing, online ordering, book distribution and eCommerce work. You would rather cut to the chase and get busy selling your finished books.

b. You’ve been reading blogs and articles on self-publishing; and every time you think you’ve figured out the best way to produce your book you run across some other information that makes you think perhaps that’s not the best way at all. You’re stuck in paralysis by analysis because you just can’t figure out how all these moving pieces fit jointly together.

c. You sense that your book might have good sales potential. You want to publish it yourself but you’re wary of sending signals that you don’t even know you’re sending that will tell everyone “hey, this is a self-published book.” You want a book that can compete toe to toe with quality books from big publishing houses and the marketing to back it, without any of the screwy mistakes that DIY self-publishers make.

d. You are about to sign a contract with a “self-publishing company” or a “subsidy publisher.” Put the pen down and send me an email instead. There’s probably a better solution, and I’ll help you find it. 

e. You already published your book with a “self-publishing company” or a “subsidy publisher.” Now you realize they are not selling your book(s); and that even if they did, the book is too expensive, and you receive too little for all your trouble. You want out but don’t know how to go about it. And once out, you know you need book marketing help and are willing to stratergize on how to pay for it or you’re simply reading to invest in book marketing now!

You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain:

  • Clarity about what your book needs and how to get it
  • The next steps you need to take to move forward on your publishing journey.
  • Balanced Cost Savings that can run into thousands of dollars by using the right vendors for your project and an ROI from ongoing book sales opportunities.
  • The confidence to really enjoy self-publishing and to make the most of it for yourself, your family, and your readers.

What Does It Cost?

The cost is $179 for a 30-60-minute consultation, current client consultations are $25 when developing a new genre.* Compare that to the $2,000 – $50,000 paid by up-front by self-publishing authors to self-publishing consultants get their books into print and marketed. 

Having the right book publishing and marketing plan in place can make a huge difference in your success.

There’s a lot of information out there on the internet about self-publishing. There’s a lot of information here on my website. However, what I’m offering is a consultation that’s specific to you, your book, and your marketing goals.

Not only that, I have a GUARANTEE that you will receive far more than your money’s worth from our talk. If for any reason that you do not feel that our meeting was everything that I said it would be, if you feel you absolutely got no value from it, then I’ll send your money back directly after this meeting, however, on the other hand, if you get value from it, then I would expect you to join Jazzy Kitty Publishing Raving Fans.

Complete the form below. I look forward to hearing from you, and learning all about your publishing plans and marketing goals.

** You will be invoiced upon confirmation of a date and time for your consultation. All invoices must be paid prior to the actual consultations.**

To book a consultation with Anelda, please proceed to our Consultation Request form below. 



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