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What we do!


Jazzy Kitty Publications provides you with the book publishing services you need to become a self-published author. We are a Virtual Office too!


While our services are not free, they are fair and very reasonable. Your book will be distributed by Ingram Book Group and will be added to all brick and mortar databases, online bookstores, i.e., and Barnes and and more.

We offer e publishing - we convert your book your title to an eBook.

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We are More than a Publishing Company


  • Need office work
  • Resumes
  • School Papers Typed
  • We are a Virtual Office too! 

Want to turn your Print book into digital? We offer World Wide Distribution to eBooks - Kindle, Nook, and ibooks. 


Audiobooks coming soon!!! Stay posted.

Why Publish with Us?


  1. Because we Publish at the Lowest Rates, and pays the Highest Royalties! 
  2. And if you are a poet, we specialize in Poetry! Poetry is Our Ministry! If you are an Urban Fiction writer, we have you covered too!
  3. All genres: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Urban Fiction, Testimonials, and Children books! Book Publishing Services

Type of Books We Publish

Black & White

Black and white has been the classic means of publication for centuries, and is perfect for books that are mostly text, black and white photographs, or line drawings. 

Full Color

Our full color packages are for authors who want their pictures and illustrations to share center stage with their prose. Make your book a feast for your readers’ eyes as well as their minds! 

Childrens' Books & Cookbooks

The best children’s books inspire, teach, and entertain! Awaken young imaginations with our Children’s publishing packages, and bring your story and characters to life in full color. 

Print on Demand

Only print books once you’ve sold them. Print books close to your customers; ship them all over the world. One book or 1,000, it makes no difference to us, but all the difference to you —always save on inventory and shipping costs. 



Super-fast production speed without sacrificing quality gets you the best looking product on the shelf. Trade paperback books available with perfect binding are our most popular selection, but our full offerings cover so much more. 

Print Formats

Take your choice of a wide range of formats, including paperback, hardback, journals, and more in a variety of trim sizes. The most in-demand print formats, built on-demand with quality materials, all delivered where you need them, when you need  them. 



Most customers will judge a book by its cover, and a hardcover can add more class to a book that is already jumping off the shelf. Our hardcover books are available in laminate, cloth or jacketed, with marks of craftsmanship such as foil stamping available upon request. 

Print Solutions

Choose from a wide range of customizable print services specifically designed to meet the challenges of modern-day publishing with speed and agility. Whatever your business model, we have a solution to fit your needs. 



When your titles call for a splash of radiance or an extra pop of vibrancy, we have a great selection of color printing options along with various trim sizes that work to give your books that extra bit of style. Color books are available in saddle-stitch and perfect bindings.